5 Recession-Proof Jobs for 2020 

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5 Recession-Proof Jobs for 2020 

With fears of a recession looming in the United States, it can be nerve-wracking thinking about employment. What if your company decides it needs to cut jobs to survive the recession? Or maybe you’re unemployed, and worry about not being able to find a job once a recession hits?

In this article, we’ll discuss 5 of the most recession-proof jobs you can get in 2020. While none of these jobs are completely recession-proof, you can likely have peace of mind and focus on what’s important. 

The Energy Sector

A recession doesn’t stop the need for energy—people working in the energy sector are more insulated from the effects of a recession than other industries. Especially with the focus on renewable energy and making the switch to such forms of energy, the demand for workers in these industries is unlikely to fluctuate much in a recession. The average pay for people in this profession is around $60,000 or $70,000. 

Pharmacists or Pharmacy Technicians/Medical Professionals 

Just like the need for energy, the need for medications and medical care will not suddenly decrease during a recession. In fact, the need for certain drugs like antidepressants may even increase. You can expect to make up to six figures of salary at the higher end of the spectrum, so it is quite lucrative. 

IT Staff

Information Technology is a booming field that will only increase as time goes on. The internet and its various services are already a huge fixture of daily life—you’re using it right now to read this article! As such, IT professionals will have some recession resistance. This depends on their role in their company, but overall they can expect to have job security. 

Senior Care

The baby boomer population is reaching old age right now, with many of them needing care in their twilight years. The people who care for our elderly can expect to keep their jobs—in fact, many senior care providers are in need of more staff. Senior care staff can make a decent living from their salary as well.

Counseling and Psychologists

In the same vein as medical and pharmaceutical care, counseling and mental health care will still be in demand. The personal and family strain that a recession can generate may even drive up demand for these services. You can expect to make $50,000 on the lower end to six figures on the higher end. 

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