Dealing With Job Loss and Bouncing Back Into the Workforce

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Dealing With Job Loss and Bouncing Back Into the Workforce

If you’re reading this in April of 2020, you too are likely embroiled in the chaotic times that our country and the world is living through. Perhaps you even find yourself in some degree of quarantine. The coronavirus pandemic snuck its way into the country in February (or possibly before) of 2020 and once it was here it spread quickly and made its way into many of our lives. By the third week of April, the unemployment numbers reached 26.4 million or 15% of the workforce. Those numbers are likely to make a lot of people nervous, especially if the situation is still largely unresolved. So we thought we’d address some ways to combat the fears of losing your job or the stress that comes with losing your job. At the same time, our purpose here at Job Connection is to try to connect people with new career opportunities. So while times seem tough, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Economies around the world are all feeling the strains of this. This means that people all around the world are experiencing similar effects of unemployment or possible unemployment. Having your job taken away from you will cause a stir of emotions. It’s normal to feel angry or wronged, but don’t let that linger. Find yourself a good shoulder to cry on and then begin making decisions. 

If you let it, a job loss can derail you for more time than necessary when it begins to pull you down emotionally. 

Steps to Take After Suffering a Job Loss

  • 1) Do some calculations

    • Figure out how long your current finances will carry you over for. Make a detailed budget and crunch some numbers that detail how long your savings or other saved up resources will last. This gives you a good timeframe and it also provides some peace of mind. 
  • 2) Make some budgetary changes

    • You will likely have to cut out some expenses from your usual spending. You’ll be surprised how much cutting off things that are largely unnecessary will free up some money in your pocket. Cut off unnecessary luxuries such as subscriptions, cut back on eating out, etc. 
  • 3) Consider thinking of things differently

    • Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective. The spike in employment in April of 2020 was caused by an external factor. The government decided to shut down the economy and that put people out of work through no fault of their own. So don’t blame yourself and consider this as an opportunity to try something new or to move towards the career you had been thinking about for a while. It can always lead you down new and exciting paths. Experts say that the biggest factor between those that deal successfully with a setback and those that bend to it has a lot to do with how they interpret the situation. 
  • 4) Stay focused on the future

    • Don’t get hung up on why something happened or why this happened to you. It’s important to keep your sights set on the future. 
  • 5) Reach out to your network

    • Surrounding yourself with good people is always a good idea. It is especially a good idea when you find yourself in hard times and might be able to find someone to give you a helping hand. A lot of jobs are not always advertised and talking to your network of people means more people know what you are looking for and that you are in the market for a new job. This might mean a recommendation or a tip that leads you to your next job. 
  • 6) Approach the job hunt like a job

    • It can get tedious and monotonous creating resumes and submitting applications. And yet sometimes it’s just what has to be done. It is far more effective to create structure in your routine and to treat your job search like a job itself. Give yourself hours, assign yourself allotted breaks. All of this will make it far easier to digest and more efficient. Otherwise, you may find yourself dragging along all day without getting much done.
  • 7) Don’t overlook self-care

    • A big mistake some people fall into is allowing themselves to fall into a kind of depression or melancholic mood. This might then take over your health and people begin to overlook eating right, exercises, and getting adequate sleep. Taking care of yourself and ensuring your health will only make the job hunt easier. It will also make sure that you’re ready to jump into any opportunity that comes your way. 
  • 8) Reach out to a job agency

    • Here at The Job Connection, we specialize in connecting people with new opportunities. When dealing with a job loss, you don’t have to do it alone. There are resources out there that help people bounce back from job loss. Find a job agency that will work with you and guide you through the process.

Look to the Future With Job Connection

We know that as the world remains relatively shut down, things seem like they’ll never go back to normal. They will! We know that America is stronger than any virus.  And when that happens, sooner rather than later, Job Connection will be ready with career opportunities for you. Give us a call today. 

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