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Career Preparation

Career Preparation: Resume Pointers and Interview Advice from The Job Connection

When you choose The Job Connection as your job placement firm, you’ll more than likely find an exciting position within a great company. But before that can happen, you need to be prepared. Take your resume, for example. Rarely is a single sheet of paper so important. Consider your resume as your personal representative. Within the margins of your resume, you must represent yourself as positively as possible. This may sound difficult, if not impossible, but in reality it is achievable. Follow these pointers and you’ll be on the path towards success!

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Resume Pointers: Build The Best Resume!


  • Make sure your resume fits on one page. If necessary, use two pages but remember that it’s highly advised you stick to a single page.
  • Every word counts, so make sure you’re saying everything that must be said and trim any unnecessary filler. Remember that the hiring manager will read through countless resumes per day, make sure yours stands out. Most hiring managers also don’t want to spend too much time reading a resume, so make sure yours is legible and gets to the point quickly and effectively.
  • Always remember to keep the formatting clean.


  • Now comes the important part: the content. Through your narrative, you can craft exactly what you want hiring managers to think about you. Build the best narrative that will make you stand out from the rest. When listing your job experience, write concisely about what you accomplished and how you helped that specific company succeed.
  • When it comes to listing your education, make sure to include accomplishments as well. Don’t just put your school’s name and the years you attended. Continue to build your own narrative and show your attributes and skills within these sections.
  • If applicable, make use of impressive numbers that relate to work you’ve done or things you’ve accomplished. Numbers are often more tangible than words and hiring managers will take note.
  • The content of your resume is incredibly important. Make sure everything you write is credible. Don’t be deceptive because it will be apparent to the hiring managers. If you have any space available and it relates to the job you’re applying to, include additional information about volunteering or any accomplishments.
  • Make sure your resume resonates!

Finished Product

  • Now that you’ve added all the necessary information, take a look at the finished product. Read it over and make sure everything that’s included deserves to be there.
  • Don’t use the same resume for every application. Not every job is looking for the same thing so make sure you have a good understanding of the job description and arrange your resume accordingly.
  • Resumes don’t need references, unless specifically stated in the job application. If your finished resume has references, take them out as they are taking up precious space.
  • If everything looks good, make sure you’ve included your name, one phone number, email account and your address. Although these details seem obvious, they’re still easy to overlook and forget.
  • Now you’re ready to apply!

Preparing for the Interview

So now that your resume is perfect and you’ve applied through The Job Connection, the waiting game begins. While you wait to get the call back for the interview, you should start preparing for the interview (even before you know you’ve got it). Preparing is easy. All you have to do is basically outline and organize your thoughts accordingly so you know exactly what to answer when any question is posed. Research the company and compare your qualifications to what’s listed in the job requirements. Have responses ready. Perhaps write questions and answers on flashcards and test yourself. You don’t want to have an awkward moment of silence while you try to think of a good answer, simply come prepared and ready!

Now that your mind’s ready, make sure the rest is prepared as well. Dress well, arrive 15 minutes early and come well prepared with a copy of your resume (printed on fancy paper), references, and a notepad and pen just in case. Once in the interview, keep your nonverbal communication in mind. Maintain eye contact, smile, lean forward when the interviewer is speaking and just have a happy, open attitude! And, at the end of the interview, if the interviewer asks if you have any questions, say yes! Ask about the company, about what working there is like, about the hiring process, etc. Just make sure to seem interested and ready!