How an Employment Agency Benefits and Expedites Your Job Search 

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How an Employment Agency Benefits and Expedites Your Job Search 

Today’s job market is complicated. The numbers indicate a recovery but have also left employers with many open positions. Millions of jobs were abruptly eliminated or temporarily put on hold in 2020 due to the pandemic, but as the world opens, employers are opening doors and once again seeking the best candidates to fill the open roles. There are several ways to go about finding the right job for you. A popular route for many job seekers is simply to log in and click on the nearest job opening, but with so many people searching online for jobs this is not always the most effective choice. As you embark on a new beginning in 2021, think about how your job hunt can be simplified and improved with the right connections.  An employment agency connects you with jobs that are a good fit. 

In May of 2021, the U.S economy gained 559,000 jobs as more people have been vaccinated and are returning to normal activities, such as travel and eating out. There’s been a lot of talk about a shortage of workers, which means that a lot of opportunities out there are going unanswered. 

Understanding Online Job Postings and the Hiring Funnel 

Many job seekers find that applying for online job postings feels like a losing game. It quickly becomes tedious, frustrating, and discouraging, especially when after submitting endless applications, you hardly get a response. It kind of feels like you’re talking to a wall. From the employer’s point of view, the task can be equally overwhelming. They receive hundreds if not thousands of applications almost immediately. The process of sifting through them all quickly becomes an autonomic process where they spend less than 4 seconds per resume, skipping over valuable candidates that may have neglected one small detail on their resume. 

What is the Hiring Funnel? 

Recruiting firms often use the term ‘hiring funnel’ to refer to how many applications a recruiter or company should generate to produce a single hire. As a job seeker, it provides a glimpse of the odds of success when relying solely on clicking on job postings. According to some estimates, an online job posting will get 1,000 views.  Out of those 1,000 individuals, 200 will begin the application process, half of that will complete the application process, 75 of those will be screened by a recruiter and only 25 will make it to the desk of the hiring manager. From there, maybe 4 or 5 will be brought in for an interview. 

Employers know that in order to produce one hire they must rake in a lot of applications—most of which will not even be carefully read. Similar studies have indicated that each resume might receive 5-7 seconds, although the average is about 6 seconds of review time—just enough to read your name. Leaving your future livelihood to these odds is a little daunting. 

How a Staffing Agency Streamlines the Process 

A staffing agency has one job: to find the right candidates. It’s what they train their workers to do, it’s what they research and implement. Employers are preoccupied with running their business, training current employees, assistant customers, etc. The prospect of spending the time needed to sift through applications means that a staffing agency provides a valuable service. Time to hire is a real concern for employers in today’s fast-paced markets, so they partner up and pay a staffing agency to decrease that time to hire and guarantee a good worker. That means that as a job seeker, connecting with a staffing agency puts you in a much better position than getting a 5-7 seconds review on your resume. 

A staffing agency will: 

  • Work in conjunction with local employers 
  • Write up job descriptions and learn about the job vacancies to better understand requirements and spot good candidates
  • Spend the time interviewing candidates and sifting through resumes and applications to find the right candidates 
  • Make valuable connections and establish relationships with local employers 

Tips for Job Seekers As They Seek a Recruitment or Staffing Agency 

A staffing agency not only provides connections to employers with open positions. They also establish connections with the employers and a relationship of trust. In addition to that, they help you better prepare your interview skills and resume.  They provide valuable tips about online profiles like LinkedIn, professional CVs, and prepping for online interviews. When working with a recruitment agency, follow these few tips to improve your prospects:

  • Take the interview as if it was your next dream job. A staffing agency wants to see you find the opportunity that is a good fit and that will bring you fulfillment. If they ask you to come in for an interview, treat it as if it was your next job. This will help you practice your interview skills. 
  • Have a good idea of the kind of work you have in mind. Every situation is different. You may be looking for a new challenge or you may be looking for work in a specific area/field or perhaps remote work, hands-on work, etc. The more specific your vision is for the future, the better the agency can help you find what you need. 
  • Take advantage of any training opportunities. While you are involved in the job hunt process, continue searching out opportunities for new training. This keeps you marketable and learning new skills. 

Ready to Make a Change in 2021? Find the Job that Fits You with the Right Connection

Job Connection connects you with better opportunities. Whether you are looking for a career change or just getting started, we match you with the opportunity that’s right for you. As companies grow and succeed, employees grow and succeed with them. It’s why we’re passionate about connecting the right worker with the right job opening.  

Looking for a great job opportunity? Call Job Connection today and find employment that’s right for you. 

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