Top 5 Jobs to Look for in El Paso this Summer

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Top 5 Jobs to Look for in El Paso this Summer

Are you are looking for a change or a temporary job while you begin school? Then a summer job can be the answer to get through the season with rewarding employment! 

Many college or high school students use the summer as an opportunity for more than just fun in the sun—they look for rewarding work that can give them a head start growing their savings account or skill-building. 

What are the top summer jobs you can look for to get ahead? We go through the most sought-after gigs below. 

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The Current Job Numbers and Looking for Summer Jobs 

Whether you are a college student, a recent grad, or still working on that high school diploma, the summer is a great season to take advantage of opportunities in various market sectors. 

According to CNBC, the job market was still hot in June of 2022. Experts suggested that workers had a considerable amount of leverage when it came to choosing employment. 

The article pointed to the record low 1.2 million layoffs in April and the indication that employers are trying to hold onto employees. At the same time, 4.4 million people quit their jobs in April, which indicates that the high number of open positions still offers ample opportunity for those looking for a change in work. The Great Resignation is still happening, reshuffling workers across the workforce. 

In June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also released its job numbers. The data show that several industries, including leisure and hospitality, show continued job growth. Think coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants. 

There are many available summer jobs in leisure and hospitality, as well as in the following sectors:

  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Professional and business services 

All of these industries added jobs in June. 

Fun Summer Jobs in El Paso, Texas 

The Sun City is known for its long summers, the warm weather extending into September. Looking for work during the summer months in El Paso means you get a long busy season of people enjoying the warm weather and vacation from work and school. 

Let’s check out some of the most popular summer jobs in the area.

#1) Lifeguards and Pool Attendants 

These are the quintessential summer jobs for young people looking for work in between semesters. Local pools, water parks, and other recreational areas hire assistants to help supervise swimmers and provide rescue services or assistance when needed. 

#2) Camp Counselors

With the warm weather come summer camps and outings. One popular summer job is filling positions in this camp that usually host children of all ages and even adults. There are many duties to fulfill on summer days or in residential camps. 

These include administrative tasks, planning, and supervisory duties. If the camps are held outdoors and require special training, many people will be required to undergo on-the-job training, certifications, and more. 

#3) Summer Associates and Legal Assistant 

Law firms often have their work ramped up during the summer. If you are a law student or studying a related field, filling legal assistant and summer associate positions can provide you with experience that is relevant to your field of study. These positions can be beneficial to students looking to get experience with the local community and build connections or references after graduation. 

#4) Marketing Internships and Training Programs 

Marketing or PR firms often offer summer training programs for students in related fields. These work experiences help students gain critical experience and practical training in the field. This field can use the extra hands as companies try to expand their contacts and bottom line during the busy summer months. 

#5) Gardener and Landscaper 

The warm weather also kicks people into gear in terms of home improvement projects. As spring rolls in, people begin to plan home improvement projects for their homes that usually include sprucing up the backyard, front yard, or landscaping areas. 

Working as a gardener, mowing people’s lawns, or helping with landscaping projects is a great opportunity for young and energetic workers to stay active and earn great money.  

Looking for Engaging Summer Work in El Paso? We Can Help! 

The summer is a great time to seek out new opportunities or try out new work environments. If you are a college student or someone just starting out in their career looking for experience or career preparation, a summer job can help you find your path. 

Whether you are seeking temporary work or a more permanent position, The Job Connection can guide you to the right place to start.  

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