So You Got the Gig? Here are 7 Essential Tips to Becoming a Stellar Employee

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So You Got the Gig? Here are 7 Essential Tips to Becoming a Stellar Employee

You’ve been job searching for months and finally, you land a job that suits you. The search took a lot out of you.  For many people, job searching is almost a job in and of itself. It requires time and energy. It’s uncertain. It’s exhausting. So once you have the job, a sense of relief kicks in. And yet, the work is only beginning. As a motivated job seeker, you want to ensure that you give your 100% and dive into the job with enthusiasm and discipline. This ensures you get started on the right foot and demonstrates to your employer that you are a valuable employee ready to learn and grow in the company. 

It’s a way to invest in yourself, grow your skills, improve your strong points, and deepen your experience. 

So how do you become a stellar employee? 

Let’s take a look.

Why Employers Look for Creative Thinkers and Leaders 

Employers are always on the lookout for dedicated employees that exhibit leadership characteristics and creative thinking. These, after all, are the harder employees to replace because they have a unique approach to the work, value dedication to quality, and may approach their duties with a sense of pride and enthusiasm. 

While it’s often easy to fall into a rhythm and just show up, when it comes to growing in the workplace, employees have to be proactive. Those who take a little initiative and show independent thinking on the job will likely catch the attention of the higher-ups. 

Creative and independent thinkers represent opportunities for employers. It means that they have someone on their team that has a vision and can execute it. At the same time, those who exhibit leadership traits will be handed more responsibility and growth opportunities. 

Forward-thinking employers look for employees that: 

  • Value skills development
  • Good decision-makers
  • Are independent but also team players
  • Can handle pressure and stay cool
  • Have good personal skills
  • Can take constructive criticism 

Tips for Getting Ahead and Establishing Yourself as a Solid Employee 

So whether you are just starting a new job or are looking to infuse your career with a promotion, let’s look at some tips that help you establish yourself as a solid employee. 

#1 Be a Student and an Independent Thinker

When starting a new job, there is likely to be a lot of new information. Perhaps you are learning how to do the job for the first time or learning a new way the company engages in the work. You’re learning rules, regulations, and processes. Regardless of the situation, keep your biases at bay and be open-minded to learning, listening, and taking in the environment. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have ideas about how to improve something, but showing that you are ready to learn will give you a headstart. 

#2 Be a Goal Setter 

When you set tangible goals at work, it fuels your growth and experience. If it’s a job you’re just learning, look around you and think about small goals you can start off with. By achieving these goals, even if they are in your own mind, you will see progress and competency on the job improve much more quickly. When people are goal setters, they stay motivated. They don’t fall into a stagnant position. 

#3 Word Hard & Purposefully 

All work is hard. All jobs present challenges, obstacles, and even moments of frustration. Yet, developing a habit for hard work is one way to create an admirable work ethic. Be diligent in your job. Ask questions. Become obsessed with getting it right and doing things properly. A good work ethic begins by building small habits and always working with quality in mind. 

#4 Be a Team Player 

Ok, so you don’t like everyone at the office. That’s understandable. It happens. You can have reservations about people and still be a team player. In fact, the ability to work productively with others that you may not see eye to eye with shows that you are honest and a worker of integrity. 

#5 Think Creatively, Be Part of the Solution

Every workplace has problems or areas of improvement. Coming into a new job and criticizing the current structure, system, or way of doing things, is not the most productive approach. When you run into things that frustrate you, take a moment. Think about things closely and wonder if there is some way you could improve the situation. Teach yourself to think as someone who seeks solutions. This will help you be a better problem solver. 

#6 Take Responsibility 

Especially when it’s your first few weeks on the job, you are bound to make mistakes. When this happens, take responsibility. Do not evade responsibility for fear of being reprimanded. It’s important to establish yourself as someone of integrity and someone that can be trusted. An employer will appreciate it if you take responsibility for any mistakes. Don’t blame others. Don’t make excuses. Just take responsibility, admit that you were wrong, and have a constructive conversation about how you recognize the mistake and how it can be better next time. 

#7  Be Professional 

Professionalism goes a long way. This applies to the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, your body language, your spoken language, and the way you cultivate relationships with coworkers. Always maintain a level of professionalism that is consistent but not forced. You want your employee to see that you are yourself but also a professional, someone that is serious about the job and the opportunities it provides. 

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