Not Digging the Desk Job? Learn About the In-Demand Industries that Offer You an Alternative 

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Not Digging the Desk Job? Learn About the In-Demand Industries that Offer You an Alternative 

While it seems that most of today’s jobs involve some kind of computer interface interaction, not every job requires you to sit in front of a desk all day long. Different personality types are suited for different types of work. Sometimes it takes a little experience to learn the right gig for you. So if the computer works just isn’t cutting it, here are some jobs that are a little more hands-on and might make a better fit. 

The future of work is a topic of interest for leading companies, governments, and employees alike. So, discover some of the expert’s leading projections about work and how you can secure a job outside of the cubicle. 

The Future of Work, as Predicted by Experts, Surveys, and Post-Pandemic Thinking 

Work has certainly changed since the start of the pandemic. Not only the attitude towards work but the types of work we do and how we do it. During the uncertain days of 2020 when lockdowns reigned and companies went fully remote. Before the nation learned about coronavirus, only 6% of U.S. workers worked primarily from home. The numbers changed significantly by May of 2020 when over one-third of the employed started working from home.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings rose to 10.1 million at the end of June. There was an increase in the number of workers voluntarily quitting their jobs, which indicates to many that workers are looking for something else in their work.

What is the Great Resignation and How Might It Benefit You? 

Many news organizations and journalists are referring to the shifting work numbers partly as “The Great Resignation.” In August of 2021, CNBC reported that 55% of Americans currently in the workforce anticipate looking for a new job. Experts are attributing this to a change in perspective and attitude towards work summarized by: A series of epiphanies, a litany of reckonings, and enough people simply saying, this is not what I want to do and putting in their resignation.

What this means is there are a lot of industries out there that are hiring and looking for people that are ready to jump back into the workforce. Agencies like Job Connection, connect with some of the leading employers in the area that are struggling to fill positions and looking for the right candidate. 

Industries that Offer Alternatives to the Computer Desk Job 

So while the giant labor migration is happening, it might provide you a renewed opportunity to look for a new avenue of work. In demand industries currently include: 


During coronavirus, construction workers were deemed essential. These jobs were not only working around the clock to build hospitals or complete necessary infrastructure, but today the projected rate of growth for the industry is 15% despite the challenges it faced during the pandemic. The construction industry offers a wide range of job opportunities: from project managers, laborers, construction managers, etc. 


During the pandemic, some of the most needed workers were in the healthcare field. Yet, healthcare jobs are not limited to nurses and doctors. There are many positions in the healthcare field or industry that offer a dynamic work opportunity for people with minimal training. Some of these might include Phlebotomy Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Physical Therapy Assistant, Nursing Assistant, and more. 

Manufacturing and Distribution

The manufacturing and distribution industries are in high demand. A lot of supply chain disruptions have been attributed to the shortage of workers in some of these positions. These can range in anything from forklift operators, fulfillment specialists, Mechanics, Entry clerks, Maintenance workers, mechanical and electrical assemblers, and more. Jobs like pickers and packers are a necessary part of warehouse distribution. With so many items ordered online, warehouse distribution centers continue to grow and require more and more workers. 

Service Industry 

Restaurants took a major blow during the covid pandemic, but are today bouncing back slowly. Many of these positions, however, are unfilled and are searching for qualified candidates. Anything from restaurant managers, shift managers, or frontline crew, can offer new opportunities. 

Other Trades and Jobs that Will Get you Away from the Screen

There are also plenty of other jobs that will allow you to work in a more hands-on environment. These include jobs in fields such as: 

  • Plumbing 
  • Carpentry 
  • Electrician 
  • Machinists 

Find the Right Job For You With Job Connection 

So if you’re not thriving in a desk job and are looking for other types of work, there is plenty out there. Join the thousands of job seekers that yearn for a new opportunity to kickstart their new career. This might be a good time for you to take the leap and search for a new career that makes you feel fulfilled and happy. 

Call The Job Connection today and connect with a recruiter that will guide you to the best options. 



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